Intuitive online shelf planner gives Red Bull's category management wings

At Red Bull, an outdated and time-consuming approach to category management was replaced by the introduction of a modern online shelf planner with a user-friendly interface. This led to a drastic reduction in training time, the elimination of errors and an increase in productivity. The project resulted in huge time savings on routine tasks and was rolled out to 70 countries. The restructuring includes a modern design that increases efficiency and provides an intuitive user experience. Overall, this project demonstrates how the intelligent reengineering of solutions can optimize work processes and provide users with state-of-the-art technology and design.


Time saving in routine operations


implemented in seventy countries worldwide

3 months

from briefing to commissioning

“irian’s online shelf planner has fundamentally changed the way we work at Red Bull. The introduction of this modern solution not only significantly reduced our learning curve, but also eliminated sources of errors and improved the overall user experience. This has taken our category management to a new level, allowing us to work more efficiently and effectively.”

Andreas Tobler, Project Manager, Red Bull


The existing solution was outdated and massively time consuming.


Introduction of an online shelf planner in a modern design with a user-friendly, intuitive interface.


Tedious training time has been drastically cut. The intuitive user interface eliminates error-proneness and usability problems.

From the transformative impact of an intuitive online shelf planner and its impact on category management at Red Bull: The initial situation was an outdated and time-consuming solution, which was overcome by the introduction of a modern online shelf planner with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. This not only drastically shortened the training period, but also eliminated error-proneness and thus raised category management at Red Bull to a new level.

The project has resulted in a significant time savings of 63% on routine tasks. In total, the application was successfully rolled out in 70 countries, and the entire project process – from initial meeting to full go-live – took only 3 months. The major change was to replace an outdated solution that was taking a lot of time. This transformation not only significantly shortened the time-consuming training processes, but also made the user interface more intuitive. This led to the elimination of errors and usability issues, making workflows much smoother and more productive.

The restructuring also included a modern design that not only looks appealing, but also maximizes functionality and efficiency. The main goal was to provide clients with a user-friendly platform that is intuitive to use and enables efficient work. We are proud that our project not only achieved measurable time savings, but also brought about positive changes in the way we work and for user experience. This project shows how the intelligent reengineering of solutions can help optimize work processes and make cutting-edge technology and design accessible to users.

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