Innovative IAM solution enables fluid identity ecosystem at Credit Suisse

irian develops a comprehensive IAM solution within a very short time. What began with an interface to the existing rigid, difficult-to-expand standard software solution became an innovative, freely scalable system with central administration of access rights and complete historization of all forms of authorization. The first module went live after just 6 months. The first module went live after just 6 months.

6 months

from PoC to initial implementation


managed access rights

2.5 million

monitored permissions

“We have been working closely with irian for years. By leveraging their outstanding service, we create software that meets our highest expectations and manage to transform our IAM delivery organization from a reactive waterfall organization to an active, agile one.”

– Wolfgang Schurr, Head of Delivery IAM CH, Credit Suisse


The existing standard IAM system could no longer handle the enormously growing data volume.


Implement an innovative and powerful IAM solution that easily adapts to the ever-changing environment.


Effectively managed the access rights of over 100,000 users and monitor several million permissions.

“At irian, they’re very good at interpreting and reading between the lines what the customer actually needs, and that’s often not always what the customer says they need.”

– Urs Huber, IAM Program Manager, Credit Suisse

The project started with an interface to the existing standard software solution.

This gradually reached its limits, as it could no longer cope with the enormous growth in data requirements in the banking sector. The company was no longer able to cope with the enormous growth in data requirements in the IAM sector of the banking industry.

The standard system was completely replaced in a timely manner by an agile IAM system – a combination of five comprehensive application suites, of which the first module went live after only 6 months.

The result is impressive: 4.5 million lines of code in over 30,000 files, comprising more than 1,500 screen and UI components in 32 different software applications. The powerful system manages access rights for over 100,000 users and monitors several million authorizations. The 100-fold increase in managed areas over the past five years has been easily handled while seamlessly maintaining operations.

The IAM solution’s greatest strength, however, is evident in its identity management and digital services management application suites, which oversee an extensive landscape of 250,000 internal and a remarkable 2.45 million distinct, external identities and their corresponding contracts. Daily data imports and seamless data exports to multiple downstream applications ensure a fluid identity ecosystem. In addition, the system regulates for privileged access to over 100,000 assets – a number that is steadily increasing.

What began as a focused project has evolved organically to encompass Credit Suisse’s entire IAM operations and provide the following added value:

– Central management of identities
– Automated assignment of access rights in Selfservice
– Historization of all authorization information
– Protection against internal and external threats
– Arbitrary scalability
– Significant cost reduction in the long term

“I would always recommend irian if the project is strategically quite important, or if it’s a very critical project for the customer, because you can count on the delivery to solve the problem.”

– Uwe Gempp – Chief Solution Architect IAM, Credit Suisse

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