1st place for irian at the Constantinus Award: Prison management software for the New York City Department of Correction

irian Austria received the coveted Constantinus Award in the Open Source category for their groundbreaking project "RCMS - Reusable Management System with Apache MyFaces". This project was developed specifically for the New York Department of Correction and Image Works and marked a milestone in the electronic management of parole data in the United States. The project was characterized by strict data protection guidelines and high requirements for confidentiality and security in the transmission and storage of data. irian not only set new standards in software development, but also helped to significantly improve efficiency and security in the administration of the New York Department of Correction.


managed prisons


prisoners registered


deployed correctional officers

“RCMS is the first tool in the U.S. for the electronic management of data in the probation and parole field and is characterized by particularly strict handling of privacy policies and high confidentiality and security requirements for the transmission and storage of data.”

– Thomas Spiegl, irian Managing Director


There was no digital
Prison Management System,
but pure paper


Introduction of a prison
Management software with
strict data protection


Efficiency level in daily business
increased enormously; personnel
significantly relieved; safety

„Juvenile Investigations system of RCMS has been successfully rolled out to all 5 boroughs. Much can be said on the excellent support we received from irian on many instances to help us get to this stage of the application. All the late hours debugging and timely inputs are major contributions to this success. I‘m writing this in appreciation of irian‘s efforts in helping us out.“

– Kumararaja Periasamy, Project Manager, NY Department

In a world with more than 30,000 inmates and more than 15,000 uniformed corrections officers, it previously operated without a digital prison management system. Change came in November 2005, when ImageWorks, a renowned IT firm based in New York, was awarded a contract to implement a groundbreaking project for the Department – the Reusable Case Management System, or RCMS. ImageWorks, a long-time business partner of the New York Department of Correction, was looking for a competent solution partner in the area of JavaServer Faces (JSF) technologies to make this ambitious project a reality.

irian was chosen with good cause: irian had already made a name for itself in the open source community, particularly through its active involvement in the Apache MyFaces project, a flagship open source project of the renowned Apache Software Foundation. RCMS was to be built on Apache MyFaces, which provided a solid foundation for the project because RCMS has a particularly interactive interface in which a complete probation case can be created in just a few steps.

The implementation of RCMS was a milestone in the digital transformation of the New York Department of Correction. A classic digitization process was put in place that included strict validation parameters. The introduction of a comprehensive database system and the automation of numerous business processes were essential steps in taking prison administration to a new level of efficiency.

irian successfully qualified for this prestigious project and began developing and implementing the software, which continues to provide significant support to prison administrators in New York State today. A remarkable change occurred – the former flood of paper was reduced to a minimum, resulting in a huge increase in efficiency in daily operations. The new software has not only optimized the workflows, but also noticeably relieved the staff.

Recognition for the project’s technical expertise came in 2006 in the form of the Constantinus Award in the Open Source category. This award recognized not only irian’s technical expertise, but also its contribution to local value creation and the international scope of the project. RCMS was not only a technological advance, but also a sign of how a member of the open source community can succeed in a highly competitive business environment.

The jury statement at a glance:

– Local value creation + Internationality + Potential export

– High benefit for all stakeholders and users

– Best example of how an OS community member can succeed in highly competitive business

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