Software Engineering Par Excellence

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Software Development

  • New Software
  • Modernization
  • Further Development
  • Migration/Integration
  • Replacement

Expert Leasing

  • Whole Teams
  • Individual Experts
  • Team Reviews
  • Fullstack-Developer & -Architects
  • UX/UI, Mobile, AI, Machine Learning, IOT


Consulting and Trainings

  • Project Consulting
  • Process Optimization
  • Innovation Advisory
  • Security & Code Review
  • Technology Trainings

Software Development

Customized software programming and AI controlled solutions tailored to your organizational and IT infrastructure as well as your business needs and goals. Agile, scalable and absolutely secure software that enables mapping of special operations.

Choose Software Par Excellence instead of standard off-the-shelf products!

Expert Leasing

Lack of IT specialists must not be an obstacle to digital development. We understand the challenges companies face and provide you with the right experts for short- or long-term projects. Our developers integrate seamlessly into your workflows.

Benefit from our qualified and vetted experts and take advantage of our extensive know-how to successfully complete your projects!

Consulting and Trainings

Our mission is to take you to the next level of digital transformation, to shape your business strategy in a groundbreaking way and to put your team in the fast lane of technological development through specialized training.

Always one step ahead of the latest technology! That’s irians mission.

Don’t settle for less either!


years of expertise


locations in Europe


projects worldwide


professionals in action for you

We have been working closely with irian for years. By leveraging their outstanding service, we create software that meets our highest expectations and manage to transform our IAM delivery organization from a reactive waterfall organization to an active, agile one.”

Wolfgang Schurr, Head of Delivery IAM CH, Credit Suisse

“irian’s online shelf planner has fundamentally changed the way we work at Red Bull. The introduction of this modern solution not only significantly reduced our learning curve, but also eliminated sources of errors and improved the overall user experience. This has taken our category management to a new level, allowing us to work more efficiently and effectively.”

Andreas Tobler, Project Manager, Red Bull

„Juvenile Investigations system of RCMS has been successfully rolled out to all 5 boroughs. Much can be said on the excellent support we received from irian on many instances to help us get to this stage of the application. All the late hours debugging and timely inputs are major contributions to this success. I‘m writing this in appreciation of irian‘s efforts in helping us out.“

Kumararaja Periasamy, Project Manager, NY Department

Our customer world: in a team with the best!

Cooperation at eye level

For us, our customers are more than just clients. We focus on the joint development of ideas and cooperation as a spirit of partnership.

Lean-agile approach

Using agile methods, we quickly adapt to changes in the course of the project to reduce unnecessary effort. This keeps us lean in the implementation of your projects.

Professionals in our field

We know the latest technologies inside out, write technical articles and books, train our customers and are active at international conferences.


Through targeted approaches, we can forecast your time-to-market even more accurately by efficiently monitoring and optimizing the development process.

Meet the irianis!


We are a team of dedicated technology consultants, smart software specialists, passionate programmers and accomplished innovators – always one step ahead of the technological pulse and constantly striving to add maximum value to the success of your business.

At irian, we combine concentrated professional know-how, great commitment, innovation awareness, creativity and team spirit to create a unique synergy.

And we have another thing in common: our passion for sports! After all, we also want to prove our endurance and agility beyond the IT world.




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