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No matter what software challenge your business is facing, our expert team will assess it, consult you, and develop state-of-the-art quality solutions optimized to your business needs


Digital transformation challenges today’s industries and markets and will do so even more in the forthcoming years. Many businesses are developing strategies…

Software is the enabler of digital transformation. To transform your business, we will guide you in selecting…


Technology consulting from leading technology experts

Digital transformation challenges today’s industries and markets and will do so even more in the forthcoming years. Many businesses are developing strategies and programs to face the challenges of digitalization. On their way, companies encounter obstacles implementing new business models and products – be it bottlenecks in technological talent, lack in code quality, integration of purchased software or introducing a new technology.

Technology is the core of our consulting business. Our main focus is to give excellent advice and deliver premium quality to our customers. We have many years of experience and successful projects to prove we can do this. We help our clients to asses their current situation and develop adequate transformation strategies. Based on the outcome, we develop a roadmap and help to execute it. We execute with a lean and agile approach.


Technology consulting from leading technology experts

Software is the enabler of digital transformation. To transform your business, we will guide you in selecting, integrating and developing software components. We excel in a process with which many companies still experience budget overruns, missed milestones and a lack of quality.

Software development is at the core of our service business. We help innovate, plan and execute the implementation of a new digital process. Our team of professionals, always committed to our customers success, have delivered dozens of successful small to large projects over the last twenty years. We help you deliver projects in desired quality, budget and time.


Commitment & Risk sharing

We are highly committed to our work and take direct interest into a project´s success and undertaken risks

Access to excellent engineers

Our developers have as much as 20 years of experience and stick to their main passion: state of the art technology

Lean and agile approach

Staying agile to match your business demands as they appear during the project, and reduce overhead, helps us stay lean on your projects

Eye-level communication

Co-creation and good communication enhance the relationship with our partners and clients, and ensure smooth collaborations

Faster time to market

The better the software development process is controlled and optimised, the better you will be able to predict your time to market

Cost Optimisation

We standardize, rationalize and simplify our processes to ensure a business-focused pricing policy and cost reduction strategies


We are passionate coders

We are a team of passionate coders, software engineers, and savvy innovators, constantly aiming to provide high-level performance.

Most importantly, we are a friendly bunch of techies dedicated to solving complex problems through agile thinking and flexible solutions.

We were born to code. Our practically non-existent office hierarchy allows even the most senior colleagues among us to stick to this passion, while taking full responsibility for their work.

We are people-driven

We are a people-driven business striving to lead the way in digitalization and large-scale software solutions. Since 2004, we have been providing integrated, state-of-the-art IT solutions to large enterprises that want to be one-step ahead. We have a sense for business. We pride ourselves in the ability to see the big picture, and deliver software that not only improves processes, but helps entire businesses thrive.

We are state of the art

Our team members know the state-of-the-art technology by heart, write books and articles, train clients, and act as regular speakers at international conferences.


We believe that it is crucial to achieve innovations faster and with less resources in order to stay competitive. Our highly skilled teams are trained to do exactly that. We ideate, build prototypes and assemble solutions in a small but very professional setup before implementing them on a larger scale. We take the innovative and creative spirit of a start-up to our customers’ enterprise and get things done in time and on budget. Ultimately, this is why customers love working with us.


Our customers are practically the extension of our teams. We believe in co-creation and eye-level cooperation. The companies that join our family are from various economic branches, such as banks, insurance companies and beyond. From Austrian companies to international enterprises and organizations, we have had the chance to establish our services and products worldwide.

We have been working closely together with IRIAN for years now. By using their excellent delivery services, we create software that meets our highest expectations as well as managing to shift our IAM delivery organisation from a reactive waterfall organisation to an active agile one.

Wolfgang SchurrHead of Delivery Identity and Access Management CH, Credit Suisse

Bei Irian können sie sehr gut interpretieren und zwischen den Zeilen lesen was der Kunde eigentlich braucht und das ist oft nicht immer das, was der Kunde sagt dass er benötigt

Wolfgang SchurrCredit Suisse

Ich würde Irian immer dann empfehlen, wenn das Projekt strategisch ganz wichtig ist oder wenn es um ein sehr kritisches Projekt des Kunden geht, weil man sich darauf verlassen kann, dass die Lieferung das Problem eigentlich löst.

Wolfgang SchurrCredit Suisse

Das Team ist sehr kollegial und gleichzeitig sehr professionell. Sie identifizieren sich mit der Aufgabe und investieren entsprechend viel Energie in die Lösung der Probleme.

Egon GemmelDeutsche Börse


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