Cyber Crime Prevention á la Minority Report @ CIO-Summit in Zurich on 28.09.2023

15. September 2023

AI-supported anomaly detection of access logs at a major Swiss bank..

Inspired by “Minority Report”, Uwe Gempp, CSO Health Info Net AG and Martin Marinschek, CEO irian Austria GmbH explore the fascinating idea of predicting events before they happen. The specific case involves the challenge of a major Swiss bank that manages billions of transactions and must counter potential cyber anomalies.

CIO Summit Zurich

CIOs, CDOs, IT leaders and IT managers from all over Switzerland gather annually in Zurich to share experiences and gain inspiration and new perspectives at the CIO Summit and the subsequent CIO Awards ceremony. irian is also involved and hits the big screen!

A few spoilers beforehand

The digital labyrinth of a Swiss bank: The bank operates a massive digital ecosystem with millions of customers, billions of transactions and constant interactions. The volume of data logs illustrates the challenge of monitoring this landscape for anomalies.

An AI detective enters the scene: The AI is presented as a modern detective, constantly learning and detecting unusual patterns in the data – not only evil deeds, but also unexpected deviations.

The power of personalization: Much like a detective knows the habits of the city, AI understands the digital routines of bank users.

Learning from the community: Just as a detective can predict behavior based on peer groups, AI uses the behavior of similar roles to refine its understanding.

A real-world scenario: A hypothetical story shows how AI responds to an employee deviation and initiates an early investigation.

The bigger impact: Unsecured cyber anomalies can have serious consequences in the banking world – from financial losses to loss of trust. The importance of early detection is underscored by the reference to “Minority Report.”

The future in the imagination: The potential of these AI systems goes beyond the banking industry and could secure various sectors in the digital age. The balance between increased security and the preservation of privacy is taken into account.

(A video recording and slides of the entire talk will follow after the summit).