Central IAM solution for a Swiss Major Bank: Assignment of access rights in self-service instead of manual authorization requests

irian develops an IAM system in record time that enables central management of identities, employees and accounts, including access authorizations. Instead of manual authorization requests and the resulting time-consuming processes, access rights are now assigned quite simply in self-service.

5 months

from briefing to launch


Permissions for over a thousand applications

10,000 MAs

are centrally managed in self-service

“The IAM project was a crucial milestone for our IT infrastructure and the sustainable alignment between business and IT regarding user authorizations. Thanks to irian’s expertise and dedication, we have been able to further improve our security standards while greatly enhancing the user experience for our employees. The excellent cooperation with irian was absolutely indispensable for the success of the project!”

– Customers voice


There was no central authorization administration – authorization requests were carried out manually and entailed time-consuming processes.


Introduction of an IAM solution that provides centralized management of identities, employees and accounts, including access rights.


Simple and fast management of access authorizations, cost savings through self-service, and enormous risk minimization through process automation.

“The irian team is great to work with as they are passionate about the project at hand and show genuine enthusiasm in overcoming challenges, regardless of their complexity.”

– Customers voice

Especially in complex organizational structures, efficient management of access permissions is indispensable. irian’s IAM system provides Julius Baer with streamlined access management that combines automation, cost savings and enhanced security, giving the right people the right access rights at the right time in an efficient and user-friendly way. The first launch took place after only 5 months and enabled Julius Baer to seamlessly integrate with in-house systems such as HR and Active Directory.

Regular recertification campaigns allow line managers to easily review, confirm, or revoke access privileges. By implementing self-service functions and automated processes, costly manual processes are replaced, resulting in significant cost savings. In addition, automated processes minimize the risk of errors and ensure periodic recertifications to detect and address potential flaws in access permissions.

The entire “Joiner-Leaver-Mover” process is automated, which means that new employees automatically receive the appropriate access rights when they join, which reduces the administrative workload enormously. In accordance with the “need-to-know” principle, potential risks are also minimized by withdrawing access rights that are no longer required from existing employees when they change roles or departments. Upon leaving the company, all access rights are immediately revoked to eliminate any security risks.

  • Natural integration
    Seamless integration with in-house systems such as HR and Active Directory
  • Automation
    Automated management of access permissions and replacement of manual processes with self-service and automated workflows
  • Cost savings
    Significant savings through process automation
  • Risk minimization
    Error minimization through automated processes; periodic recertifications for vulnerability identification & remediation.
  • Efficiency increase
    Efficient automation of the “joiner-leaver-mover” process: minimization of administrative effort for new hires and departmental changes
  • Security
    Emphasis on the “need-to-know” principle through automatic revocation of unneeded access rights; immediate revocation of all access rights upon resignation
  • Ease of use
    Granting appropriate access rights at the right time in a user-friendly manner

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