Expert leasing

With our expert leasing, we offer you the unique opportunity to strengthen your existing development project with experienced and renowned experts. Our service enables you to select the personnel that best suits the requirements of your project.

We offer you a holistic solution to ensure that your development project is supported by the best minds in the industry.

Needs analysis
Joint discussion of your project objectives and resource requirements. Identifying the specific skills, knowledge and experience required for the project or task. This includes technical skills, industry knowledge, soft skills and other relevant qualifications.
Expert selection
Presentation of a selection of expert profiles based on your requirements:
• Developers: Practical implementation of code and solutions
• Engineer: Systematic approach to design and implementation
• Architect: Development of comprehensive architectural and design concepts
• Lead: Team leadership, project management and technical management
• Business Analyst: Analysis of business requirements and processes
• Project manager: coordination and monitoring of the entire project process
Specific team composition
Joint coordination of the optimum team composition, taking your needs into account.
Take advantage of the opportunity to combine experts of different seniority levels to create a balanced and efficient team.
Use and scaling
Fast onboarding and integration of the selected experts into your existing team, as well as the option to adjust the team size depending on the progress of the project.
Flexibility: Scalable resources and flexible contract terms for optimum coverage of your needs.
Ongoing support and feedback
Regular exchanges to ensure that your team is functioning optimally. Possibility to adapt and update the team based on continuous feedback.